How Pensando Redefines Networking with P4 DSC (SmartNIC) – Rolf Schaerer, Systems Engineer @ Pensando Systems

In this episode Rick and Melchior invited Rolf Schaerer from Pensando Systems and ask him all how Pensando redefines the Netwok Server Edge.

“A New Way of Thinking About Next-Gen Cloud Architectures” leveraging a custom, programmable P4 processor Pensanso refers to as Capri. Capri is optimized to execute a software stack delivering cloud, compute, network, storage, and security services at cloud scale. Capri is easily installed in any standard server via the Pensando Distributed Services Card (DSC). The DSC provides software-defined services at the server edge, eliminating an assortment of discrete appliances throughout the data center and simplifying IT operations.

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